Social responsibility: S.E.T. is the expression of the Chemical Industry's commitment, which intends to pursue objectives of continuous improvement in safety, health and environmental protection. For this reason S.E.T. represents an important growth tool that allows to spread a positive image of the member organization. The Companies of S.E.T. commit themselves responsibly to make available to the Public Authorities their specific competence in the event of a transport accident.

Training: Members of S.E.T. can be updated, at reduced costs, on the contents and news of the regulations governing the Chemical Products thanks to the realization of Training Courses organized in collaboration with the subsidiaries SC Sviluppo Chimica S.p.A. and Centro REACH S.r.l..

Information: free access to  the "Information Tool", made up of "Data Banks" containing: Safety Data Sheets - S.D.S .; Toxicological and Ecotoxicological Data; Information on incident management from a technical and health point of view; Substance Fact Sheets; Information on the Evaluation and Risk Management of Chemical Substances.

Green Line: free for all the Members

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